Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Tin Foil Hat Time

Conspiracy theories abound. The election was stolen! Phantom votes were cast for Bush! Democrats thought they were voting for Kerry but the machines tricked them into voting for Bush instead!

Now, that last one is a little too close to this joke that was circulating around the internet before the election.

But after hanging around over at Daily Kos I never cease to be amazed at the ridiculous things believe will say and believe. What do you expect from people who watched "Fahrenheit 911" and believed it?

I also think this is what you can expect from people who feel powerless. They can't understand how they could have lost so big (and by "big" I don't just mean the margin of the Presidential victory in an election with historic turnout, I mean all the Senate and House seats, too, as well as a majority of governorships and State legislatures). They can't accept the fact that their candidate was awful, and that the campaign was horribly run, as this August timeline shows. Click here for links for the blow-by-blow account of how not to run a campaign, August through October.

Combine all that with the fact that the economy was doing extremely well, we are at war (a war that is actually going pretty well), and the President himself is a pretty likeable guy, and you have more than enough reason to predict a Bush victory. In fact, I have to wonder why it wasn't a complete landslide.

But a lot of the Dems aren't looking at the facts. They have gone beyond rationality into a nutty altered reality, a hall of mirrors where all they see are faces like theirs, dumbfounded at the smacking they got in the polls. They are primed, by Michael Moore's wacky conspiracy theories and outright lies, to believe any crazy theory that comes along. They're also primed by 30 years of listening only to the sound of their own voices in mainstream media and Hollywood to believe that it's impossible for a majority of Americans to actually want to elect George W. Bush. Therefore, anyone who did vote for him must be a) stupid or b) deluded.

Actually, there are two more options: they're c) evil former slaveholders or d) Bible-thumpin' theocrats. I'll write more about those options later.

Here's a link to the ABC story that aired last night, pretty much scoffing at the conspiracy theories.

I just wish that this sort of story, as well as this one, and this one, and this one (hat tip to Instapundit for the links) would make all the nuts and their Tin Foil Hat theories go away, but they won't, of course.

And to think that before the election, Kerry and the lefties were saying that we were the ones not dealing with reality! HA.


Anonymous said...

The ABC News report was unexpectedly thorough in refuting the so-called 'conspiracy' theories.

You mention that the war is 'going pretty well'. I notice that now that the war is over, it's going much better in the media as well.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the story may have debunked the conspiracy theories, but did you catch the introduction to the story by ABC's anchor? '...maybe the country got it wrong again this time...' (paraphrased)

THEY STILL AREN'T ADMITTING THAT BUSH WON A LEGITIMATE VICTORY IN 2002 !!!! (yes, I'm shouting, but only for emphasis in case any Liberal Lefties are reading).