Friday, November 26, 2004

Spirit of America Blogger Challenge

Spirit of America is a terrific organization that is helping to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan. It started as just an idea in the mind of Jim Hake, and it is now testimony to the power of a good idea and an individual brave enough to see it through.

Here's a quote from the SOA webpage:

Spirit of America was founded by Jim Hake, a businessman who The Los Angeles Times says, "draws on a fundamental faith that his country is trying hard to be all that it aspires to." 9/11 made apparent to him, as with many, that America and the freedoms America symbolizes are at risk. Having benefited from those freedoms and being familiar with the sacrifices of those who have served America, Jim sought an opportunity to contribute.
I've blogged about SOA previously (here). Just look at this list of projects. The beauty of it is that these projects are not just handouts; they're collaborative efforts to help get a country back on its feet, so that the people can become independent.

Now SOA has started a Blogger Challenge to raise money for their next projects. I considered entering as an individual blog, but realized that my little blog wouldn't be able to raise a whole lot on its own. So, I joined a team: TTLB, or, The Truth Laid Bear. This is the site that does the blog ranking system that I find absolutely fascinating; it tracks down all the inbound links and traffic to a blog, and puts it all together in a clever package. (I'm an Adorable Little Rodent, aspiring to move up the food chain.)

Anyway, I am proud to say I was the first blogger to join the TTLB team. (Full disclosure: I admit I was, er, motivated, by TTLB to sign up. The incentive: My blog will be listed at the top of the rankings page, above such Higher Beings as Instapundit and Daily Kos! I'm not worthy...)

So, if you have a little (or a lot) of money left in your charitable donation fund this year, please consider giving to this good cause. Just click here to donate.

If you're a blogger and you want to join this team (remember, your blog also will be listed right above the top-ranked blogs!) click here.

The challenge ends December 15, so don't procrastinate on this one too long! Thank you, thank you.

UPDATE: (11/28) As they say, "Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall". (Yes, I know people always just say "Pride goes before a fall", but that's not the whole verse. Do you want the truth or don't you? Well alrighty, then.)

Anyway. I was bragging about how I was an Adorable Little Rodent in the TTLB Eco System of blog ranking. That lasted all of a minute until N.Z. updated the stats. I've fallen to being a mere Flappy Bird. Well, at least I can console myself that I'm not an Insignificant Microbe.


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passthebread said...

I saw you put Spirit of America under a giving links on your side bar. Great idea. I will do this too tomorrow.