Monday, November 01, 2004

The Rally today

I missed the huge Bush rally today. We were all in the car (all four kids and me) on the way there, at a stoplight downtown on 6th and Wisconsin, just a couple minutes away from parking and getting in to the arena, when suddenly my 7-year-old son threw up. Unbelievable. I really had no warning; he hadn't complained of not feeling well at all this morning. This was the first time in all my years of being a mom that a kid got sick in the car. So, I pretty much just turned around and came home, with a brief stop as soon as I could pull over to console him and try to clean him up a bit.

A warm bath and a little soup, and he's feeling better now.

But we're all disappointed. At least the ride downtown was kind of exciting, seeing dozens of cars with Bush bumper stickers, as well as some with Kerry stickers. (Kerry was also appearing in downtown Milwaukee today, with Bon Jovi as his big draw.) I talked to the kids about how they were a part of history, and how seeing a President is really a very cool thing. We had a great discussion about politics and government, and why this is important.

So what happened in downtown Milwaukee? Well, a radio news report at noon said that there were over 11,000 people at the Bush rally. Immediately after that report, they went to a reporter at the outdoor rally for Kerry, where Bon Jovi was going to perform before Kerry's appearance. The reporter said, and this is a direct quote, "There are literally hundreds of people here in this two-block area." Now, it's true, it was drizzly, and it was an outdoor rally... but "hundreds" of people is all he could manage, even with Bon Jovi? Wow.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! It's an Instalanche! Have to say it's quite the thrill to see those Site Meter stats. Thanks, Ann Althouse, for the link!

UPDATE TWO:, at 4:30 p.m. Rudy from Maine comments below, saying that he heard MSNBC's Carl Quintanilla report there were 10,000 people at the Kerry rally. Rudy asks me if that's true. I don't know, since I wasn't there, but the live report I heard on the radio at noon, just before Kerry was to appear, said "literally hundreds" of people were there. An hour ago I heard a reporter on the radio say there had been thousands. Now, MSNBC says 10,000. The crowd seems to be growing -- and Kerry's not even there anymore.


Aaman said...


I've blogged on yr 'miss' at my blog. It was the enthusiasm that counted, and I saw enthusiasm and a positive attitude all over.

Nick said...

I work in Downtown Milwaukee and was pretty shocked when I heard that Kerry was going to do an outdoor rally today.

If the weather is a predictor for his chances - I'd say he's in trouble, because it didn't just drizzle... it rained.

I know plenty of people in the office here who are pretty pissed that he's pretty much closed down a whole chunk of downtown instead of finding an event center somewhere and holding it indoors like a respectable politician so the rest of us can do real work and help the economy.

Anonymous said...

The report you heard was incorrect.

From the J-S

"Those at the rally - who numbered in the thousands though it was unclear how many - responded enthusiastically throughout the event, waving soggy signs."

Anonymous said...

MSNBC's Carl Quintanilla just reported that there were 10,000 in attendance at Kerry's Milwaukee rally. Is that accurate?

Rudy from Maine

James said...

Just wanted to drop by to let ya know i love reading your blog...

Dubya '04!

Anonymous said...

The journal Sentinel is embarrassingly partisan. If it were really thousands they would have said how many. I work downtown next to the area and if they had three hundred that would be generous. It was really raining hard. Kerry's advance people showed really bad judgement when they decided to hold the event outside.

Milwaukee had an actual socialist party mayor for years and votes 90% democrat in every election. Kerry's inability to a) choose a realistic venue and b) draw less than 500 supporters shows just how much trouble he is really in.

Anonymous said...

Is that J-S count using the usual multiplier for crowd sizes of events they support? Such as the Kerry rally or pro-abortion events?

Tim said...

Nice blog Stand in the Trenches. We're a bloggin, homeschoolin', W-votin' family in Wisconsin as well. I'll add you to my blog roll.

- Tim

Anonymous said...

M.E. -

I was at the Bush rally today and was not surprised at the tremendous turnout. I arrived at 930am and ran into a huge line that wrapped around the corner from the arena, down 2 blocks past the Bradley center. I expected a huge wait, but thanks to an EXTREMELY well-organized effort of volunteers, we were only forced to stand in the rain for 10 minutes. Great foresight to hold it indoors in Wisconsin. I do think this suggests the Bush team is better organized than the opponent. All seats in the arena were filled as was a major part of the floor. Great time. We walked past the Kerry rally on the way out. No way did they have as many.

Side note... we received 7 calls to vote for Bush over the weekend. Including Bart Starr!!! Now if we could just get Brett to endorse him!

JR, Wauwatosa

Anonymous said...


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