Thursday, October 21, 2004

Theresa Heinz Kerry opens her mouth again

This time, she insults teachers and librarians. That's right, because she says about Laura Bush: "I don't know that she's ever had a real job."

Now, Laura Bush is both a librarian with a Master's Degree, and a teacher who taught in Texas public schools for almost 10 years. But Theresa doesn't think that's a "real job", apparently. Nor does she consider being First Lady, whether of the state of Texas or the United States of American, a "real job".


That's as far as I got yesterday, because I had my real job to do: my job as a mom and homemaker. That's right, the job that Theresa "I'm-an-heiress-who-are-you" Heinz Kerry didn't consider enough of a real job to even mention when she slammed Laura Bush yesterday, nor in her apology that came shortly afterwards. Laura, classy First Lady that she is, today said that no apology was necessary, that she knows all about those "trick questions" from the press.

Anyway, that first part of this post, above, was as far as I got yesterday, and then today I had a few minutes, so I wrote a really great post, with links, and clever comments, and brilliant insights -- but you'll just have to trust me on all that because something in Blogger fouled up and I lost it.

So for now, because my real job is calling again, just go here (Lileks, who as a stay-at-home dad is fantastic on the subject) and here (Hugh Hewitt, who also is great on the topic, and besides, he's just so goshdarn optimistic and cheery on Bush's election prospects, so you oughta read him everyday, just for your good mental health.)

Oh, and you can read my former post on Theresa, where I said I thought I might like her but she's going to hurt the KE04 campaign. I stand by that remark, though today, I'm no longer so sure I'd really like her all that much. I'm pretty sure I'd like Laura a whole bunch more.


Anonymous said...

Hi ME,

The point really is that Theresa Heinze's comment shows her contempt for people that, as determined by her, aren't on her "level".

All women should think about the comment she made about Laura Bush, our First Lady, and think twice if that is the kind of woman they want in the White House.

Teachers, librarians and housewifes/Mothers should be especially bothered by her comment.


Anonymous said...

Well, this only slighty relates to the original post but since there is no post yet regarding the topic, I felt the absolute necessity to get this out.

So, has everyone heard what Senator Kerry did today? He went goose hunting. Not only that, he shot one and in his words, he was too lazy to carry it out. Yeah, I doubt that, really. I don't think he was too lazy. He didn't want a picture of him carrying a dead goose that HE shot. What would all the animal rights wackos, green party extremists, anti-gun nuts and the rest of Kerry followers do when if they saw a picture of the anointed one carrying a goose that he shot with a GUN, BAM, dead, out of the sky? They may just go into convulsions so severe they would need medical attention and well, with the state of our entire health care industry they would most likely just die, it's soooooooooooo bad.

Anonymous said...

As to the above post, I failed to ever mention the slight as it was connection. Well, I'm guessing Kerry's wife, Theresa is probably an animal rights activist. Hmmmmmmmm...........I wonder how that conversation is going to go.

Anonymous said...

I love Heinz ketchup!

Mary Eileen said...

If you like Heinz ketchup, that makes you a weenie! (And I know that's you, my middle brother!)

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment about the 'goose hunt' -- (a wild goose CHASE for votes, I'd say). I said the exact same thing yesterday: no way that Kerry wanted to be seen hauling a fowl carcass in his photo op because he'd lose more PETA votes than this chirade will ever do to gain him gun owner votes! Also... no way he shot that bird! I think his party nailed 4 geese and that's the other reason he wasn't carrying it - it's not his.

Funny thought this morning: Front page of the Chicago Tribune, side by side photos of President Bush delivering a speech and "Field & Stream" Kerry on the other. I thought of the perfect joint caption: President of the United States vs. the Dead Duck!