Friday, September 05, 2008

So how big was the crowd at the McCain/Palin rally?

[UPDATE: Welcome to all from the Anchoress & Althouse! You may also be interested in today's post about another media untruth about Cedarburg.)

In my previous post, I estimated at least 12,000.

This news report says that the crowd was 20,000 - 30,000. Definitely possible.

But just now on Fox News, under a video clip of the rally, the crawl said "1K". One thousand?!? That's ridiculous! There were about 600 cars in the lot where I parked, and let's say, very conservatively, that each of those cars averaged 1.5 people. (There were lots of couples, families, and groups of friends in attendance, so that's probably too low.)

Anyway, at 1.5 people per car, that lot alone would yield at least 900 people. And that was just one lot, about 4 blocks away from the event, and there were cars parked everywhere, all in and around Cedarburg. There could easily have been 10 times that number of cars parked around the town.

That would mean the crowd was at least 9000, but if you count the townspeople who walked or biked to the event (lots of those), now you're talking closer to 12,000, my original estimate, and as I said I think that's very conservative.

So where on earth did Fox get their estimate of just one thousand?


Wendy said...

I wonder if they were taking their estimates from looking just at that picture? The speech was given at a T-intersection. The press was stuck in bleachers facing the stage. They couldn't see the people lined up to the left and right of the stage.

Or they're lying McLiarpants. Either way, there were a whole lot of people there!

M.E. said...

I'm going with the Lying McLiarpants, personally. :)

M.E. said...

But that's only because I like the say "Lying McLiarpants", because "pants" is a funny word and "McLiarpants" makes me laugh out loud. I'm not saying anything about the integrity or honesty of the media, of course.

Anonymous said...

Listen, I have no idea because I was not present at whatever rally you folks are referring to.

But curious to me is your quote
" But just now on Fox News, under a video clip of the rally, the crawl said '1K' ".

Fox News is always fair and balanced. And extremely supportive of the Republican ticket.

Seems unlikely that they got it wrong.

M.E. said...

Anonymous: I know you're being sarcastic, saying they're always fair and balanced. They simply were getting their numbers from AP which was flat out wrong. Check all the sources which are saying that 12,500 people went through the metal detectors, and thousands more were turned away. Obviously 1K was ludicrous, and yet legacy media doesn't even attempt to verify. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

I was there also. A local lady says the town population is 12k and they usually get about 50k during their summer town fair. She estimated the crowd at about 20k. There were people everywhere. The line to get into the rally stretched for blocks; I'd say about 2 miles. Me and my daughters couldn't get into the rally, so we kept walking around to find a good view. There were more lines just to get outside the bleachers. It was awesome. A lot of energy and excitement among the people.