Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Criminal lefties hacked into Sarah Palin's private email account

Idiots on the left have hacked into Sarah Palin's private email account and posted her daughter's cell phone number, her husband's private email address, private family photos, and screen shots of personal emails.

I can barely write about this; I just start sputtering with indignation at the lowlife behavior of certain elements of the left. Or, as the Anchoress puts it, "the Obamaphiles - the angry, crazed, hate-filled part of the left who cannot understand the right and will not play fair".

And the hypocrisy! Again, the Anchoress:

And excuse me, but aren’t the people on the left the ones who have been telling us - without basis - for the last 8 years that “evil nazi Bush” has been “intruding into people’s private correspondences” and that this (if it were happening) would be a bad thing? Can the hypocrisy get any thicker?


Nice people, eh? These privacy-invading-picture-stealing-rumor-smearing-death advocates are the people Jeannine Garofalo says are “fundamentally decent” and good…unlike the narrow, racist, sexist, homophobe, knuckledragging, illiterate rest of us.

Gosh, I'm so glad the Anchoress can say all the things I would love to say, if I could stop sputtering long enough to form coherent sentences.

Anyway, go read The Anchoress for the full story. Michele Malkin has it covered, too, as well as background on the truly evil stuff from the left that she's been subjected to.

Gee, wonder if I'll see this in the Chicago Tribune tomorrow? What, you don't think so? Neither do I.

But just imagine if someone on the right had hacked into Obama's or Biden's personal email account.

UPDATE: Michele Malkin has more; it appears to be an individual hacker who was trying to find something bad about Sarah Palin (but couldn't find anything). His email address is now public and I'm pretty sure he'll be talking to the Feds soon.

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