Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Crawford "newspaper" endorses Kerry... Big Deal.

Drudge was linking to this story yesterday. So I went to the link, and then to the Iconoclast site.

The masthead indicated this was Volume 5. Hmmm. That's not very many volumes. So I called the number given for advertising info, and was told that the paper was started in December of 2000. Right after the election.

I'm thinking this weekly paper was started just to have a forum for the opposition, which is fine, but if it's true, it hardly makes their "endorsement" of Kerry a big deal.

UPDATE: The link for Archives on the Iconoclast site only shows the past three issues. I clicked on "Crawford" for back issues as instructed, but that link is broken. Next I sent a quick email to the webmaster asking for a copy of the first issue, but got a "message delivery failure" email in return. Quite an outfit they've got there, isn't it? About as well-oiled as Kerry's campaign.

UPDATE TWO: This morning's Chicago Tribune had a "Campaign Dispatch" bit about the endorsement. However, they erroneously reported that the Iconoclast endorsed Bush in 2000. According to the information I was given on the phone yesterday, the Iconoclast wasn't begun until December 2000, so they couldn't have endorsed anyone in the last election. I called the paper to give them this info and the woman said they'd look into it to see if a correction was necessary. Like the endorsement itself, this isn't really a big deal, but it's one of those little points that a paper like the Tribune ought to get right. The best part of the article? The fact that the townspeople of Crawford are so furious about the endorsement that, as one woman said, "I'd just as soon burn it". Don't look for that on the Kerry website.

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