Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Stuff

A few thoughts here, though I admit I'm only blogging because I feel bad for not posting since Friday. Just what I need: a hobby that induces feelings of guilt.


1) How much did the halftime show cost? This article says the sponsorship went for $15 million. So, that's roughly a million dollars per minute. But, how much did it actually cost to produce, I wonder? Husband and I agree that Paul McCartney looks and sounds pretty darn good -- though we do have a minute's discussion of whether he's lip-synching.

Anyway, the whole show is an amazing spectacle, with the music, huge runways coming off the stage that double as giant screens, fireworks, audience sing-a-longs. Wow.

And this time, we watched as a family, and didn't worry about any wardrobe malfunction, crotch grabbing, inappropriate dance moves, etc. Instead, the kids got to see one of the Beatles they've heard their parents talk about so often.

2) How did they get that stage set up so fast? I wish I could have seen that; it would be more interesting than the game.

3) Best commercial so far: The Fed Ex spot that ran down the list of every stupid Super Bowl ad cliche: dancing animals, groin kick, celebrity (Burt Reynolds), talking animal, product message (optional)(!), bonus ending. Very clever.

And they got us, too, because we were just starting to say, cynically, "oh boy, here we go with the stupid talking animal ad"... and then realized that it was a sendup of those ads. Ha.

I like Fed Ex, mostly because of the movie "Cast Away", which is one of my favorites. I should post about what happened the first time I saw that movie in the theater... but that's a post for another day.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I would prefer if we went back to marching bands that made designs on the field, and of showing the whole half time show on TV and no announcers flapping their lips with supposedly important stuff.


Anonymous said...

I heard yesterday on Weber and Dolan that Big Mac was paid $3.3 million for his performance. For my money (which is simply the electricity to run the tv and some unitized cost of the t.v. -- basically not much) the best half-time performance I have seen had to be the one where the Pats won their first Super Bowl and U2 played a very emotional set dedicated to the victims of 9/11. Oh --- I also think that Paul used some technical tricks that allowed him to sound so good.