Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Live blogging the SOTU

Just saw the first purple fingers being raised; all were on their feet applauding.

State of our Union: Confident and Strong.

First joke: "A lotta grey in the mirror."

Segues into: what will the state of the union be for our children, as they grow older?

First Biblical reference: Says we need to be good stewards of the good economy (stewardship the key word here).

First reference to bipartisanship: Says he appreciates bipartisan efforts to keep the budget under control (something like that).

"Taypayer dollars must be spent wisely." (Camera shows Kerry applauding politely.)

Talking about college now. (14-yo old daughter says, "You know in all these speeches, he seems to say the same things!" Good point!)

Talking about small businesses; free them from needless regulation and junk lawsuits. Camera shows Liberman weakly applauding (in my opinion, anyway).

Health care: Give families more control, more coverage. EVERYbody's on their feet, both sides of the aisle. Asks Congress for a health care agenda. Lots of points in the plan he wants. Small business coverage gets applause. Savings accounts, too.

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