Sunday, April 24, 2005

Meet the Press: A Catholic Panel

Wish I'd gotten up a little earlier to catch the whole thing... but what I saw was pretty good.

Fr. Fessio, of Ignatius Press and Ave Maria University, was in Rome; Tim Russert asked him a few questions about why women can't be priests, why no condoms (I'm assuming to fight AIDS), and why no contraception?

Fr. Fessio at first said he needed five hours to answer. Tim Russert replied: all due respect, giving these issues a solid hour was pretty darn good (paraphrasing here).

So Fr. Fessio (good guy, by the way, and you'll have to read that whole article to understand why I selected that particular link for that comment) attempted a short answer on the issue of women priests. He did a decent job of it, but that's not what really struck me.

What struck me was that before answering the question, he first told the viewers: for every one hour you watch TV, spend five hours reading good books.

Which leads me to remember a speech by Fr. Fessio; he said that when we turn on the TV we're letting the barbarians into our homes.

He also said, in that speech, that the original Benedict helped to save civilization from the original barbarians by retreating to a monastic life of work, prayer, and holiness. This simple life dedicated to God soon attracted thousands of others.

Fast forward to Benedict XVI -- I read recently (here's one source for it) that our new Pope predicted a much smaller church in the future, a tiny church. But, he said, it wouldn't be long before that small remnant of holiness would soon become very attractive, by contrast, to "the population of a an entirely planned and controlled world" who will be "inexpressibly lonely". Sounds prophetic.

Just found this comment from Fr. Fessio on Ratzinger's taking the name Benedict: click. I think he chose exactly the right name.

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Patrick said...

If you would like to read the transcript of the whole show, you can find it at Real Clear Politics' talk show links page