Thursday, April 28, 2005

So who's "The Clown" now?

The Chicago Tribune yesterday published a front page photo of a man they identified as Joseph "the Clown" Lombardo, mobster.

Except, he wasn't.

He was apparently an innocent old man who just happens to be a dead ringer for Lombardo, right down to the cigar, the hat, and the Schwinn bike, to the point that even Lombardo's lawyer supposedly identified the photo as his client.

Of course today the lawyer is backpedaling like mad, and I don't mean on a bike. (Wouldn't you, if you were a mob lawyer who made that kind of mistake? And another thing: what kind of lawyer wants to be a lawyer for the mob?)

The amateur photographer who took the photo and assumed it was Lombardo cracked me up, too. When told of the error, she said,

"I guess I'm a little surprised that there are two elderly gentlemen with really great classic style."
Gosh, do ya think there could be TWO old men in Chicago with classic style? Nah, what are the odds, in a city of 5 million people.

In honor of this hilarious mix-up (or is it??) here's a little poll.

UPDATE: This is such a lame survey. I tried to take it myself, and I thought, "What a doofus! There isn't a single good choice here!" Should have added at least a "none of the above". Sigh.

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Paul said...

I kind of figure most lawyers would want to work for the mob, and you'd be hard put to find one that wouldn't.

Of course that comment is because I basically put most lawyers on the same level of the mob....