Thursday, January 17, 2008

Days like today....

... are a gift.

This morning I got up early because it was my turn to go to the farm to get the 40 dozen eggs for the egg co-op. These eggs are fantastic, by the way. The yolks are so golden, unlike the wimpy pale yellow of grocery store eggs. They have all kinds of wonderful omegas (Omega-3, omega-6 --whatever it takes) because the happy little chickens lead happy little chicken lives, running around (with heads still attached, whew), eating bugs and greens and scratching the dirt and keeping their beaks. Then the farmer collects the big, beautiful brown-shelled eggs, and we moms take turns driving out to the country every two weeks to pick them up for distribution among us.

So, I had my peaceful drive out to the countryside. On the way home, I saw a deer and her two little ones, and a guy ice-fishing on the pond in our subdivision, and all of that made the trip interesting and enjoyable. Well, except for the cop zipping around me to pull over the speeder (in a work-zone, no less) who'd also just zipped around me, and the absolutely insane SUV drivers who obviously were late for their commute... but let's just ignore those unpleasantries, shall we?

Then, home to the family. Alas, none of the children's alarm clocks seemed to work this morning. Hmmm. Oh well. Got everybody up and moving, without too many threats to life and limb, hugged the youngest two (still short enough that I can rest my chin on the tops of their heads), felt their sleepy warmth and enjoyed the moment.

Husband had already made the coffee. Ah, the joy! The aroma! The caffeine!

Said good-bye to Husband and sent him out into the cold for his commute (poor guy). And then we all gathered around the kitchen table.

That was the best part of the morning: Having all four kids there, chatting and laughing. I'll miss this next year, when our oldest daughter goes to college. Even though she'll still be living at home, she won't be a regular part of our kitchen-table mornings, and we'll miss her.

We talked about politics (I quizzed them on who the presidential candidates were), and the news report about a brand-new picture of the far side of Mercury, and I pointed out this article ("Abortions at 30-year low") for the teen daughters to read later. We talked about snowmen, and carrot noses, and trips to museums, and other things I can't remember now. It was just so nice.

Then off to do school work. We watched the big fluffy snowflakes start to come down as the youngest ones and I read aloud from Black Ships Before Troy (for a long time, as it's just so awesome and I kept hearing, "More! Another chapter, please!"), and I snuggled up with my youngest to work on math.

If the rest of the day continues as the morning did, I couldn't be happier. I'll find out soon as lunch break is ending now; time to get back to work.

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