Thursday, April 10, 2008

OK, this is just SO not funny.

I just saw this on Ana's blog:

Granted, Ana is in South Dakota, two states west of us. And granted, it might end up to be nothing at all. And also granted, her weather might not make it all the way over here.

But. What if it does?

This is just NOT funny.

UPDATE: Ana says, "It is upon us, raging and screaming, howling and screeching, as Laura Ingalls described so vividly in the Long Winter."

UPDATE 2: Wow, this is such a hot topic! (Ha, a blizzard being a hot topic, get it?) A dear friend in Bayfield, Wisconsin (remember, they're the owners of the wonderful orchard?) just emailed to say that they are about to be hit with a terrible blizzard up there. School is canceled for tomorrow. For your edification, here is the snow bearing down on them:

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