Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Another great scoop for Newsweek/Time

My blog friends at Instapunk (who are smart, funny, and clever, which is getting them lots and lots of attention and making me completely green with envy), have this today.

Dear Jonathan or Howard or Michael,

Yesterday, my cleaning lady (who has never stolen from me once) told me that her brother is the gardener for the man who hired the guy who delivers booze, snacks, and miscellaneous packages to the secret location where Dick Cheney hangs out waiting for his turn in the Oval Office. Last week, the gardener told my cleaning lady's brother that he overheard the driver tell his boss that once a week Cheney gets a fresh prisoner delivered to him from Guantanamo (disguised as one of the regular boxes of cash from Halliburton) so that the Veep can while away the hours humiliating him.
Join the rest of the blogosphere and read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapunk readers! And as Chain Gang et. al. like to say, while you're here, take a look around. You might like this, or this, especially if you're a sports fan, at all.

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