Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fun with Blogs (or, "If you have 10 minutes to completely waste, click here")

  • Is this not the truth?

  • Rachel Lucas is baaaaack. Do NOT click on that link if you are offended by bad language and completely uninhibited rants. But if you can stand a bit of that and you want to be entertained, by all means, go ahead and click. Rachel was one of the first bloggers I stumbled across (perhaps via Bill Whittle, but I really couldn't say for sure). Then, she just stopped blogging. She probably got more hits for not blogging, just from people checking in to see if she'd posted something new, than I ever did for blogging my brains out. Sort of a slot-machine thing; keep checking, keep checking, then, jackpot! A new post! Now she's back, as the "Blue Eyed Infidel". I can't help myself; her stuff makes me laugh, in spite of her meanness and wash-that-mouth-out-with-soap style. Just remember, I warned you.

  • Apparently, this is "Poke Fun at Bloggers" week. So, here is a good place to start on that project. Bloggers will probably chuckle. Non-bloggers will probably say, "huh?" (Not "heh", "huh".)

  • The Dems are trying to have a "Blue Christmas": they're blacklisting companies that support Republican candidates. No, I'm not kidding; yes, it's a really dumb idea; and yes, of course, we can go to their list and BUY FROM THE RED COMPANIES! So, here are a couple of suggestions: avoid Barnes and Noble (hello Amazon!), avoid Costco (hello Walmart!), avoid Gallo (avoid Gallo? I've been doing that since I got out of grad school), avoid Starbucks (not a problem, if I'm avoiding B&N). Seriously, though, I don't do boycotts; I think they're too much trouble and usually ineffective, and our money is so interconnected anyway, through manufacturers and distributors and advertisers and retailers, that it's kind of meaningless. But it is amusing that the "Buy Blue" idea can be so easily used against itself.

  • That's all. I should have been wrapping presents or vacuuming the basement lower-level lodge (note to self: post about that soon) or doing just about anything else but this. But what's a hobby for if you can't have a little fun and waste a little time on it? As far as hobbies go, blogging is a whole lot cheaper than most.

    Come to think of it, it's also a whole lot more of a waste of time than most.


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